The Place Lab produces technology in support of our own projects and those of our partners. We are not primarily a technology organization, but we do occasionally release software. Unless the conditions of a project require otherwise, we release our code under the least restrictive open-source license (MIT), so as to be as broadly useful as possible. Most sourcecode can be found on Gitlab. Documentation is here.

Dr. Andrew Sempere

Designer and practice-based researcher working at the juncture of art, computation, and culture with a focus on interactive technologies and approaches for locative narratives. He holds a PhD in Architecture from EPFL (2015), an SM from the MIT Media Lab (2003), and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2001). Andrew has worked as a consultant and freelancer for a number of companies including five years at IBM Research. He has taught or lectured at: Aarhus University, Harvard, Harvard Extension, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Geneva University of Art and Design, and La Manufacture (Haute École de Théâtre de Suisse Romande). More at:

Anindita Basu Sempere

Doctoral candidate at the Université de Neuchâtel (UNINE) studying place and poetics in twentieth-century American literature, in particular how place is experienced and mediated into literature. She holds an MFA from VCFA (2007), an MA from BU's Creative Writing Program (2005), an SM from the MIT Media Lab (2002), and a BA in Computer Science and English from Wellesley College (2000). Prior to joining UNINE, Anindita spent over a decade in the field of education in different capacities: as a researcher, as a founding faculty member of a charter school, as the Director of Education at a boutique tutoring company, and as the Executive Director of an online tutoring company focused on writing. More at: