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Remember Me

Remember Me

Remember Me was built using [Emplacement]({% post_url 2018-05-01-Emplacement %}) as a collaboration with Toasterlab and is part of the Site Specific Performance: Remember Me by Sharon Reshef_.

Remember Me is an interactive sound project that records and archives the sonic environment of the Prague Exhibition Grounds. The soundscapes of chosen locations around the Exhibition Grounds are documented through binaural recordings with time/date stamps, and photographs of the artist Sharon Reshef recording prior to the Prague Quadrennial Festival.

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Participants can journey to the chosen locations, position and orient themselves according to the photographs, and listen with headphones to their correlating recordings through the mobile Remember Me App. As the population increases during the festival, so does the noise pollution, inhibiting the environment’s soundscape to be present; the creaks of the rollercoaster when wind brushes against it, a local bird singing at 11:52am on a Saturday, that moment of silence where nature and architecture stand still. When these moments are amplified, euphoria overwhelms its listeners into a blissful, calm state, feeling immersed and connected to their environment.

Remember Me is an auditory voyage through time and space. The sounds that are indigenous to this land are digitally preserved allowing participants to experience the aural essence of the environment and to unearth the rich sonic history embedded within the Exhibition Grounds. These aural records remind us that this land has a past, monumental memories, and a voice with a story to tell.