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2022: The Maptool

Talk given at DH Unbound 2022

"The Maptool" refers to a collection of tools, techniques and software which allow for the creation of projects involving media distribution from geographic locations. The primary entry point for interaction is a web application written in React which provides an interface to a number of microservices, usually running on Kubernetes or similar cloud architecture.

Maptool as Project (used directly)
  • Used directly the Maptool presents a web-based interface which allows you to place and manage pins on a map, including uploading and assigning media and links to those locations. If you want your audience to explore a map, the tool and the project are one and the same.
Maptool as Wayfinder (as orientation device)
  • As an orientation device the Maptool can be used for guiding audience members to specific physical location in order to launch an additional experience (inline website, Youtube video, 8th Wall, etc). In this mode, the tool can be further wrapped by a host website, so that the map view becomes a part of a site which includes additional information, branding, etc.
Maptool as Authoring Tool
  • As an authoring tool: The Maptool can also be used  for creating collections of media and relationships between them which are then packaged or stored online for network distribution to other software: for instance as the back-end to create audio tours which are then downloaded and used "offline" by a native mobile application. In this mode the audience never interacts with the Maptool directly.

Projects and Instances