Something I thought about:

  • Obviously the attempted coup in the US derailed everything this week (despite an excellent start!) and has been very much on my mind. Specifically, I've been thinking about entitlement vs. responsibility and accountability.
  • Since being derailed, I've been trying to sort through when and how to work. I like my work, and I feel good when I do it, and yet I also need to be productive in a way that's clearly an unhealthy internalization of capitalistic expectations. So I've been trying to figure out when I need to take a day or two off to recover and rest and when it's better to dive into work and let the routines and habits take over. What should I witness? How should I respond? I've been angry and frustrated and needed a couple of days to sit with that (my entire body hurt, too), and now I'm easing back into work I like and want to do.

Something I did:

  • Make a physical outline of three dissertation chapters using notecards.
  • Write.
  • Take pictures of tiny things and of tiny, textured things.
  • Get derailed by an attempted coup.

Something I read: